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Natural Raffia Wall Hanging Decor


Natural Raffia Wall Hanging Decor

Give a little touch of ethnic to your walls with this wall-mounted raffia leaf decor! In a living room, an office or a kids room, this cute raffia decor will easily find its place. It will add a great touch to any room in your home!

You can create your own unique gallery on the wall. You can hang it in the hall, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, or even in your office. It could also be a great gift for your friend’s birthday or housewarming.

This stylish leaf wall decor is made of 100% natural raffia materials and each decoration is totally unique.

• Long leaf - L x W: 50 cm x 15 cm / 19.7 in x 5.9 in
• Wide leaf - L x W: 28 cm x 20 cm / 11 in x 7.9 in

• 100% natural raffia

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