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Bamboo Bedroom Slippers for Men and Women

Have a comfortable wearing experience with these bamboo and straw slippers made for indoor use. The slippers are lightweight and breathable. The straps and insoles are made of straw material and bamboo. The outsoles are made of rubber which soft and are non-slip. These bedroom slippers can be worn for all seasons and are designed for men and women.

Designs/Styles: Styles A - D (please refer to the photos)

Available sizes:
• EU - 36/37, US - 6/6.5
• EU - 38/39, US - 7.5/8.5
• EU - 40/41, US - 9/9.5
• EU - 42/43, US - 10/10.5
• EU - 44/45, US - 11/11.5

Please note:
• Use the foot size guide for reference in cm.
• Follow the measurement instructions for a more accurate size.

Pattern styles:
• Slip-on slippers

• Bamboo and straw fibers
• Rubber

• Beige/Brown

**There may be slight variations in color and measurements.

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