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AMELIE - Abaca Straw Handbag

€35.00 €65.00
AMELIE - Abaca Straw Handbag

This straw bag is handwoven by locals in the Philippines, from palm leaves. It is a product representing everything that is eco, ethical, sustainable and green. It's perfect for spring and summer seasons when it is all about straw.

This classic straw handbag to have this summer, for a chic boho vibe that will match all your summer outfits. This trendy straw bag is perfect for items to bring to the beach or any travel vacation destination.

This braided bag is perfect anytime and everywhere, sspecially in the summer and there are those who like to carry them on the beach, from grocery shopping, stylish holiday accessory to home storage. It's something you won't want to leave your house without.

Dimension: L x W x H
• 30 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm

• 100% natural abaca fibers

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