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Mini Abaca Flower Girl Baskets for Wedding

The wicker flower girl basket is handmade by local weavers in the Philippines. It is made of Abaca straw fibers which is grown in the Philippines. The handle is made of large wooden beads with a diameter of 2.5 cm each. This baskets is very cute, stylish and trendy. The wicker basket can be used as flower baskets in weddings, decor for parties, or as home decor.

• It can hold fresh flowers, dried flowers and some other decorative grasses.
• Natural abaca fibers which is environmentally friendly/eco-friendly, and sustainable.
• Multi-functional storage basket, can be used to store makeup brushes, lotions, toiletries, and an easy storage solution.
• Can be used in your living room, bedroom, office, etc. as your decoration or as a gift for your friends.

• Height - 14 cm
• Diameter - 10 cm
• Handle Height - 12 cm
• Wooden beads diameter - 2.5 cm

• Beige
• Brown

• Abaca fibers
• Wooden Beads
• Metal wire

Package Includes:
• 1 piece of wicker basket only

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